Probate Services

Probate Services to Solicitors and Executors

lady_clipboardIf you are a professional legal representative of a deceased client, or a family member or Executor, you may consider that certain aspects of the process of handling the estate could be extremely time consuming and potentially less cost effective if you have to attend to all the matters personally.

girlmonday2friday can take care of those aspects for you, liaising with you and keeping you fully informed, so that you are free to handle the legal issues.

Services to solicitors and executors include:

    • No obligation visit to assess requirements
    • Cataloguing paperwork and personal effects
    • Establish if contacts need to be advised
    • Arranging disposal of chattels:
      1. to beneficiaries
      2. liaising with appropriate auction houses
      3. by donation to charities
      4. by house clearance
      5. by recycling
    • Arranging and overseeing market appraisals of property and chattels
    • Project managing where property requires attention prior to disposal
    • Liaising with property agents and solicitors to assist with a smooth sale process

We are here to help and can do as much or as little as is required.