Case Study 4 – Client Awarded Compensation/Court of Protection

Fiona recently helped a solicitor who had been appointed as a deputy by the Court of Protection, where a child had received compensation following an accident in which she had suffered brain damage and her family needed to move to a new home where the environment was suitable for the delivery of her care.

Fiona worked with the child’s mother and the solicitor and, having inspected the property to ensure it was suitable for the family, liaised with the vendors and the conveyancing solicitor, so that completion of the purchase progressed as quickly as possible, including aspects such as handover of keys, reading of meters and ensuring that the moving in day went smoothly.

Once the purchase had completed, the property required a number of major adaptations which Fiona arranged, sourcing suitable contractors and overseeing the work. This included the refurbishment of the kitchen, replacement of the central heating boiler, fencing of the whole property to improve security and ensure the safety of the client and even arranging for the septic tank to be emptied, aspects which the mother had no experience of and was unable to handle, as her focus needed to be on the care of her children.

Fiona also arranged purchases of household items within an agreed budget, to ensure the property was fully equipped, including furniture and white goods, achieving considerable savings whilst dealing with the ordering and delivery of these items to the property.

Fiona was then involved on an on going basis for a period of time following completion of the works, liaising with the child’s mother and the deputy so that any snagging problems were quickly dealt with and remained on call as and when required.