Case Study 1 – Complex Beneficiary Circumstances

A gentleman died leaving a comprehensive will and details of various beneficiaries, including societies and charities to whom he had bequeathed specific chattels. The remaining items were to be distributed in a manner sympathetic with his intentions. He also left a property which required marketing and selling, with the proceeds to be distributed by his executors.

girlmonday2friday were able to give the following support:

We visited the property with his solicitor, established a plan to be followed to ensure all chattels were dealt with through various means complying with the deceased client’s wishes.

A full cataloguing of all chattels was prepared, during which, certain items of  value were discovered in the property and delivered to the solicitor’s office for safekeeping. These included money and jewellery, for which valuations were obtained where necessary, to establish the most appropriate means of sale to maximise the final value of the estate.

We acted as the main point of liaison, meeting beneficiaries at the property and collating items including hundreds of books, slides, paperwork, ensuring all the items went to the correct parties.

Once all the contents had been removed, we arranged for the property to be made ready, so that market appraisals could  be carried out by a selection of local estate agents, advising the solicitor as to most appropriate agent for the type of property and then overseeing the sale process through to completion.